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Mark Watson

Mark Watson

July 19, 2021

Mark has been a lifelong cycle tourist and bikepacker (as well as a climber). He spent 2016-2020 bikepacking 45,500km through the Americas, from Alaska to Patagonia and is currently back in NZ, where he has re-focussed his cycling experience to bikepacking ultras. He participated in the inaugural Tour Te Waipounamu race in February 2021 and despite its gruelling nature is already signed up to do it again in 2022. 

Age: 49

Hometown: Lyttelton

Bikes in the garage: Otso Voytek 27.5+, Salsa El Mariachi 29er, Kuota Kharma roadie

Favourite Biomaxa Product: Biomaxa Biolubricant

Favourite Food: Whatever is left in my feedbag!

Favourite place to ride: Peru

Best cycling memory: Spending a month cycling across the high altitude Puna de Atacama in Argentina.

Aspiration (What you dream about achieving next on your bike): Tour Te Waipounamu 2022 (and getting back to South America ride right to Ushuaia)

To relax I: Watch films and listen to music

If you weren’t riding/racing bikes – what do you think you would do instead?  I'd be climbing in Fiordland

Biomaxa Ambassador Since: 2016

Social Media Profile: @highluxphoto

Photo By: @highluxphoto

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