Dave Mitchell

Like most New Zealand kids who grew up in the pre-cotton wool era of the 1960s, biking to school on a Raleigh single speed was the norm. Dave started mountain biking in 1986 with a group of friends who became the core of the Canterbury Mountain Bike Club. The search for epic adventures started early and continues to this day. With Joe Arts and Guy Wynn Williams he completed a 26-day off-road trip from D’Urville Island to Port Craig in 1996, riding tracks and trails as close to the main divide as possible. Multi-day trips crossing the South Island in difficult places soon followed, along with trips with his partner Ditte to the USA, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Australia and Tasmania, all in search of the next perfect trail and a new adventure. He contributes images and articles to Wilderness Magazine, New Zealand Mountain Bike Magazine, produces a 13 month mountain bike calendar each year and is author of Mountain Biking South, companion to Mountain Biking North.